Search & Recruitment

Recruitment is a cornerstone in any type of business, small or large, public or private, national or international. Finding and hiring the right team of employees is fundamental for future success and growth of any company. We can help your organization with the entire recruitment process or accommodate to the phases in which you need assistance.

Specialist, management and leader recruitment

With our client we determine the course of the assignment. Flexibility is an essential part of our approach, however we never compromise when we handle your recruitment and we never stray from our focus on diligence. We help you identify and hire the right leader, manager or specialist. Through our numerous years of professional experience, you will gain thorough, meaningful and challenging advice on the task of preparation, planning and execution.

Value-adding recruitment

Recruitment is only successful when everyone involved feels the process has added value to their organization or career – including the candidates that did not get the job. You will of course receive well-defined advice to method, process, application of tests and references, but also to your final choice of candidate. Additionally we venture one step further and advise and support the department for which you are hiring.

Onboarding – executive recruitment

In addition and as a supporting service we offer onboarding as part of our recruitment process. We help the hired candidate to succeed in the new job through close follow-up, as well as coaching and advice during the first months of employment. We are experienced business coaches, which adds an essential dimension to our dialogue with the candidate.

Executive Search / Specialist Search

All of our executive search processes are based on your specific company profile and needs. We uncover every step of the process and report back to you in detail, as we step closer to the potential candidate. The following is a guideline and example of how we could approach an executive search in order to give you an idea of the work we put in this highly important choice for your company.

Initial phase – executive search

We commence the process by conducting an extensive executive eearch, identifying possible candidates. We apply our network and database of resumes to this phase. To ensure an accurate and value-adding pool of candidates, we apply an iterative approach to this phase and in close collaboration and with continuous feedback from you, we are able to narrow down the objectives of the search. This warrants a process where we are able to advice and inspire throughout the initial phase. All potential candidates are identified through screening and executive search of the market for candidates with the desired profile and personality.

Interview and presentation

We invite the best suitable candidates to a personal interview with Advised by. The candidates who match the profile from a professional as well as personal perspective will be offered a meeting with the hiring manager from your company. We employ a number of test systems that are selected according to the recruitment context. The selected tests are then conducted with the candidates selected in cooperation with you, to permit a relevant further dialogue.

Executive search – the further dialogue

Test feedback and further conversation regarding test results are then conducted with the candidates that have been selected for further dialogue. Candidates can be asked to prepare a case before the interview, and during the interview we reveal the candidates motives, motivations and considerations since the last interview. The candidate is also given the opportunity to inquire further about the role and leader, management style, organization, etc. This phase will clarify the strengths and opportunities of each candidate and enlighten how different candidates can add value to your organization.

Concluding phase and follow-up

When the ideal candidate is selected, we obtain references from previous employers. If everything is satisfactory, the contract negotiations continue. Advised by offers two or three follow-up meetings within the first 6 -12 months of employment. The meetings can be with both the leader and candidate or if preferred individual meetings.

Talent Pipeline Building

Talents are scarce and are becoming increasingly demanding in their job selection. In order to create a flow in attracting and recruiting crucial talents to your organization a continuous and sustained dialogue with potential candidates is essential. Interesting and potential candidates should constantly be held aware of opportunities in other positions or companies. We can make sure this awareness is constantly refreshed and present through an ongoing and tenacious dialogue with the talents. We can also leverage from the ongoing dialogue and advise you on how to become an employer of choice and capture the specific candidates you need. This ongoing dialogue is a time-consuming task, which is why Advised by offers to take care of this for your organization.


In order to create an ideal foundation for ongoing dialogue with potential candidates, the prospects and the market must be mapped/qualified. The mapping is designed based on strategic decisions and indispensable requirements defined by our clients at the beginning of the assignment. Based on the current needs in your organization you can indicate which candidates are relevant for Advised by to contact.

Contact with candidates

Advised by will contact the specified candidates on the list – either in writing or by phone, depending on the agreement with you. We will also, in collaboration decide the message that is conveyed to the candidates contacted. The goal of the initial conversation is to invite and motivate the candidate to have a casual chat with you. This chat should preferably result in hiring. Some chats will result in the candidate requesting that contact continues for a while. Advised by ensures that this is noted and completed as agreed with the candidate. The list is a dynamic file that is continuously updated by Advised by, ensuring a pipeline of potential candidates to you.

Assessment process – candidate evaluation

Finding the perfect candidate for your leadership position is a complex task and can be demanding. Numerous factors define the success of a candidate in such an important role. The abilities of the candidate, personality, experience, and motivation are just a few of the factors that need to align with the requirements of a position. A professional assessment process can ensure the best possible match is made for the candidate, job and organization. We can advise you to select the best possible candidate and evaluate candidates for a specific job based on references, interviews and HR assessment tools.

Minimizing risk – assessment process

Applying assessment tests to your recruitment can minimize the risk of selecting an unsuitable candidate and can optimize the composition and connection of your organization or team. By using recognized skill- and personality tests we uncover abilities, relations in teams and preferences that can define their aptness for your job.

Assessment methods

To select the right candidate for the job, we use a number of recognized assessment methods to screen the candidates. We are certified in all tests used. Depending on you and your company’s needs, we apply adequate tests that can disclose: behavioral development, team or personality analysis as well as cognitive tests based on logical decision-making. Our assessment methods can help identify your manager’s skills and personality traits. The tools can also generate information to improve your team’s performance through a hands-on action plan for employee development.

Candidate assessment

Behavioral characteristics, IQ, personality, references, learning ability, work efforts and sense of responsibility are included in our assessment process. In addition, we facilitate a session were expectations are aligned and matched between the candidate and the company. This session is ideal to create and establish a foundation for a future relationship based on mutual understanding and trust.