Executive Outplacement – the next step in your career

At Advised by we tailor executive outplacement programs to managers and top executives who request a targeted and ambitious process in order to return to a job that meets their level of ambition. Through coaching and feedback, we advise you on the current state of work and career opportunities enabling you to find your future job. We offer a sequence of meetings with a permanently assigned outplacement consultant. Moreover we offer the opportunity to meet with other consultants, who will coach, support, advise and challenge you through the executive outplacement process.

Your individual outplacement program

At Advised by we work with outplacement programs based on a proven process that is adapted according to the individual and context. The program is altered to fit any individual, as every human being has different strengths and developmental needs. We focus on what is most important to you at every meeting. We work through your situation and your experience of leaving the company and together we create a good version of that narrative. In the introductory dialogue we focus on who you are as a person and your values ​​in relation to a new job. We discuss your professional abilities, including strongest competencies and areas of expertise. In connection we also cover your success stories and past results.

Your personal outplacement consultant – confidant and source of inspiration

At Advised by your outplacement consultant will inspire you to build a digital profile, that is important in your job search: CV, LinkedIn, applications etc. We prepare you for job interviews, contact with headhunters, accessing networks and much more. If you have the courage to journey into a whole new adventure, we also advise on alternative ways of work, including interim employment or starting your own business.

Career Coaching – advisory, counseling, and feedback

If you are at a crossroad in your career, Advised by can offer a coach to help you with professional advice and guidance to make your next career decision. Maybe you feel your career has stalled or maybe you want to try a new direction. Either way, we can help you plan and execute your desired career. We do this by creating clarity around your values, drive, interests, desires and professional abilities and competencies and by instilling new motivation in you.

Job change without a warning – career coaching

A job change often occurs without notice and can be a daunting experience. What do you do when you are overthrown by life and your foundation falters? With the help of a career coach it is often easier to find your path again. Through conversation and feedback we find your strengths and competencies, in order for you to apply these in your further progress. We help you accept and clarify your new situation and review your opportunities and challenges. Most importantly we make you see new beginnings and we help you reach your purpose and goals.

Successful development with a career coach

It’s a personal challenge to look for a new job – but you don’t have to do it alone. We help you with clarification and overview of your situation. With you, we analyze, set goals and plan your future career strategy. We do not think inside the box, but in successful processes with you.

We also offer executive outplacement for leaders who want a targeted search process.

Career development in a coaching sanctuary

In our offices, you have an exceptional sanctuary, a free space. Our career coaching takes place in wonderful, serene surroundings. Open green spaces and peaceful forest provides the perfect calm surrounding for contemplation and tranquility. We look forward to sharing this special place with you.