Christian Riber

Based on many years as an executive HR Leader, I am devoted to helping employees, leaders and organizations perform and deliver at their best. I conduct my advisory with great care and diligence.

At Advised by I help clients with search in finance, investments, HR, IT, communication and legal functions. My experience also includes search of specialists in shipping, pharma, construction and real estate.

Managing Partner

My services include executive outplacement, an area I care deeply about. I have extensive experience in leadership coaching, -development and -assessment.

As an Advisor, I deliver precisely and with great empathy. With a background in the armed forces and the past 15 years as HR Director, I have enjoyed vast international responsibilities, build my experience in executive HR and -management and come to understand and know the commercial side of a business. I have worked in a range of industries such as shipping, big pharma and construction.

I bring all my experience and expertise to every case/project I am dedicated to and I believe sincere involvement and a strategic direction is the core of our advisory.

  • Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (Organization and Management), CBS
  • Professional Officer Education, Royal Danish Defence College
  • Trained and experienced coach
  • Certified in several HR assessment tools

Anne Vig Thomasen

I am deeply enthusiastic and committed to supporting people with their long-term career ambitions and to collaborate with clients to create high-value partnerships and meaningful connections.

At Advised by, I work in four capacities to ensure humans and companies fulfill their full potential: Search and Recruiting, Outplacement, Leadership Development and facilitating Individual and Group Coaching.

Managing Partner

I help my clients, in multiple industries, with Search of Specialists, Managers and Executives in Finance, Accounting, Sales & Marketing, HR, Supply Chain and Legal.

In search, Leadership Development, Coaching or Outplacement, I emphasize trust, honesty, and transparency in my work and deliver value that is concrete and result-oriented.

As a trained Business Coach, I facilitate individual and group coaching. I help people create brighter and authentic futures through professional and personal development.

  • Certified Group Facilitator
  • Trained and experienced Business Coach
  • Hogan Assessment Systems (HPI, HDS, MVPI)
  • Certified in MPA – Master Person Analysis and ACE cognitive/logical analytical reasoning

Anja Chemnitz Thygesen

I know and understand the importance of the right employee at the right company. The essence of my work is a combination of experience and creativity. My approach to research and analysis is derived from my extensive experience, working with international and Nordic management consultancies, as well as a creative and tailor-made methodology to all projects. I consider this approach the reason why I can deliver a quality candidate field and why the process and dialog with candidates is relevant and precise.

Recruitment Manager

Search and analysis

Louise A. Svalastog Spellerberg

I believe, we need to be passionate about what we do. We must dare to dream big, set ambitious goals and take chances. The path to this requires bravery and self-empowerment. Something I’ve learnt after many years as a leader in professional handball and as a consultant and coach in various companies. Together they create excellent results, both personal and professional.

After a fantastic career as a professional handball player, I have landed in the right working constellation for me. I have had the opportunity to thrive in my working life as a Recruitment Manager at Advised by whilst at the same time helping drive København Håndbold’s performance to the next level. The focal point is people.

Recruitment Manager

At Advised by, I work with search and recruitment. I am educated in the financial industry and with my experience as a professional handball player coupled with several years of business coaching and leadership development, I have learned that the key to success is to create a healthy culture that attracts the right people and thus results in a successful team. This goes for the sports world – as well as in industry, where I, over the years have helped several companies to attract and develop candidates for different types of positions.

In my active career as a handball player, I have always focused on improving myself and my team. I love to interact with people and create meaningful connections. I am extremely persistent and goal-oriented, but always with intentions to create meaningful results for everybody. I use these qualities daily in my role as a Recruitment Manager.

I have also developed a unique ability to change direction when a strategy does not prove to be the right one. The essence of my career has always been about people – to develop and communicate, which is one of the strengths I use daily in Advised by and København Håndbold.

Kristina Czigany

With my previous experience as a senior HR executive in international organisations primarily within professional service firms and the financial industry, I have gained a solid commercial understanding in addition to the knowledge and skill set I have built over the years. I bring a business-focused mindset to my work, ensuring our services provide measurable value to our clients. I aim to foster an honest and respectful space and always strive to bring a unique perspective and expertise to our clients.

 I enjoy helping individuals and organisations achieving their goals.


While my academic background comprises a master’s degree in law, my true passion lies in optimising human capital and facilitating successful partnerships.

At Advised by, I build on this passion by providing candidates who not only possess the required qualifications but also align with the client’s culture and values.

I believe that investing in individuals’ growth and well-being not only enhances personal satisfaction but also drives organisational success. I am dedicated to helping individuals reach their full potential, whether it be through targeted searches and recruitments, compassionate outplacement, or empowering leadership development programs.

  • Certified in MPA – Master Person Analysis
  • Certified in Thomas International Assessment tools
  •  ICI Certified Business & Stress Coach