Leadership Development

It comes down to this; leadership is all about performance. Being a part of a leadership development process with Advised by, we focus on you as a human being to create the best possible foundation for you to perform your utmost. First and foremost we offer you a confidential, trusting and focused process. Through coaching and dialogue – and in close collaboration with you we investigate and discover your leadership path. This path enables us to support and advise you to improve, advance and undertake the personal or managerial challenges you may have.

Personal and competent leadership development

We meet you at the point in your life where you are at this exact moment. In close collaboration, we ensure that you find your way and the answers you need. If you are in a place in your career, where you are considering your next step or you need leadership development and coaching on your own role in relation to your team, your peers or your superior, then we might be able to help you.

Tailor-made leadership development

Leadership of an employee, a team, or an entire department is challenging and can be very demanding. We meet and take on the challenges through advice, feedback, leadership advancement, coaching, and counseling, or through tailor-made workshops for your current situation and specific needs. We believe in tangible, applicable and value-adding processes that are meaningful to all.

Leadership tools and development

We believe new knowledge and new behavior require new applicable leadership tools in order to confront unfamiliar learning situations. A large part of our leadership development takes place individually. We always work with perspectives through current cases and always in collaboration with others. Relations, networks, and communities are essential for the implementation of new knowledge in new constructive behavioral patterns.

Executive Coaching and Leadership Coaching

Coaching with us is relevant if you are already a skilled, ambitious and successful executive or leader who has a prosperous career. You can drive meaningful change if you are courageous and open-minded. If you wish to advance and develop your leadership capabilities, your team and organization, we can advise you to take the next mindful steps forward.

We believe in partnerships – executive coaching

We offer coaching programs that have a set duration, however we have discovered how our coaching programs often develop into a long-term partnership. We believe partnerships are how can add most value to your career and life. At executive level and as a leader you often need an impartial confidant. Through conversations, counseling and feedback, we help you advance your career. We equip you with a range of new tools that can increase your personal impact and communication skills.

Leadership coaching with leaders and middle managers

Having a sounding board, getting qualified feedback and compassionate coaching can be a tremendous help in becoming an improved leader and managing a complex work environment. We offer leadership coaching to leaders, middle managers and other managers who want to increase their own and employee’s commitment, impact and skills. We emphasize on the individual’s developmental desires and centered on these aspirations we design a tailor-made program. Based on your own successes and resources we ensure that you progress and advance during the program and going forward.

Tailor-made program – executive and leadership coaching

During a program or partnership with us you can expect a qualified sounding board and coaching in an array of selected and current topics. In addition to personal guidance, you will be introduced to various management tools and motivational tools that you can use at work.

Assessment process – candidate evaluation

Finding the perfect candidate for your leadership position is a complex task and can be demanding. Numerous factors define the success of a candidate in such an important role. The abilities of the candidate, personality, experience, and motivation are just a few of the factors that need to align with the requirements of a position. A professional assessment process can ensure the best possible match is made for the candidate, job and organization. We can advise you to select the best possible candidate and evaluate candidates for a specific job based on references, interviews and HR assessment tools.

Minimizing risk – assessment process

Applying assessment tests to your recruitment can minimize the risk of selecting an unsuitable candidate and can optimize the composition and connection of your organization or team. By using recognized skill- and personality tests we uncover abilities, relations in teams and preferences that can define their aptness for your job.

Assessment methods

To select the right candidate for the job, we use a number of recognized assessment methods to screen the candidates. We are certified in all tests used. Depending on you and your company’s needs, we apply adequate tests that can disclose: behavioral development, team or personality analysis as well as cognitive tests based on logical decision-making. Our assessment methods can help identify your manager’s skills and personality traits. The tools can also generate information to improve your team’s performance through a hands-on action plan for employee development.

Candidate assessment

Behavioral characteristics, IQ, personality, references, learning ability, work efforts and sense of responsibility are included in our assessment process. In addition, we facilitate a session were expectations are aligned and matched between the candidate and the company. This session is ideal to create and establish a foundation for a future relationship based on mutual understanding and trust.